The Noctuoidea are an extremely secretive and religious society. They worship the moon goddess Divalia, keeper of the secret name of their homeland. They live somewhere within the vast and dangerous Twilight Forest, although nobody outside of the Noctuoidea have ever seen their home. Few outsiders have ever seen a Noctuoidean because of their insular nature. There are several legends about them, however; some say that their fervent worship of Divalia has given them powers of the night and moon, that they take on the form of moths to better serve her. Some say that they do not take the form of moths, but command them using telepathy. The legends also claim that they are skilled metalsmiths who forge the lightest and strongest weapons from fallen stars. Most dismiss these tales as flights of fancy, however.

This mini is sculpted for 32mm, and is Medium sized.  More stunning work from Cobramode!!

Psychidae, Noctuoidea Mage