Lymantria, the Noctuoidea Priestess holds the ceremonial bowl and sickle for harvesting sacred mushrooms. Priestesses and Priests imbibe the mushrooms and are gifted visions of the glorious past of the Noctuoidea, and this is how they learn the Secret Name of their homeland. They are the keepers of ancient knowledge and arbiters of the rituals and traditions that govern Noctuoidean life. The Priesthood of Divalia are held in the utmost regard and must be consulted for every aspect of society, from ruling the city, to the naming of newborn children. As the Secret Name cannot be spoken, their mouths are typically sealed with a specially bred moth which can only be removed once a day for a single meal. The ceremony for The Opening of the Mouth is not for the faint of heart.

This mini is sculpted for 32mm, and is Medium sized.  From the imaginarium known as CobraMode!!!

Lymantria, Noctuoidea Priestess