The Speculatore, elite clandestine agents belonging to the Triumviri Nocturni, are whispered about amongst the Noctuoidea. They strictly enforce the traditions and Rituals of the Divalian faith, and have blanket authorisation to execute any heretics they encounter, no matter who it might be. Speculatore often patrol the borders of the Twilight Forest and kill any outsiders who are foolish enough to enter. It is mostly due to them that the Noctuoidea have almost no contact with the outside world, for those outside the Rituals are obviously heretics who must be destroyed. Atropos is no exception. For her, there is no greater satisfaction than ending the life of one who has no place in the orderly world of Divalia.

This mini is sculpted for 32mm, and is Medium sized.  From our friends at Cobramode!!


Atropos, Noctuoidea Moth Speculatore